May 8, 2007

New Research sites

I've been away from this blog for a while. I discovered and spent most of March researching the Patenaude, Gaudette and Guilmain lines. The images are not indexed, and they are in French, so it was quite a challenge. I was able to find an enormous amount of information which I am in the process of adding to my family tree. I expect to post the update in late June or early July. I'm planning a visit to the Massachusetts Archives in the near future, so I'm holding off my update until I get back.

In April, I began spending a great deal of time volunteering for They are in the process of digitizing all of their microfilm, and need help indexing the images to make them searchable. It makes me feel good to be able to give back to the genealogy community a little. If you want to help, sign on to and download the software. It's free and easy. You can do as little or as much as you want. So far I've indexed almost 1200 names from US census records.

Feb 16, 2007

Langdon Frothingham

I keep running across Langdon and Frothingham in my research. Either I find a person with Langdon as middle name and Frothingham for surname or some combination of the two. I've been searching the internet for the last few weeks and have finally made some connections. The Langdon name seems to have entered our tree with the marriage of Joanna Langdon to Ebenezer Frothingham (son of Nathaniel Frothingham and Mary Whittemore) in 1779. Does anyone have more information on this family?

Jan 28, 2007

First Post

I'm not sure how this will all work, but I hope it can be a way to share some information about our ancestors.

Recently, I've been working on the Channing Frothingham branch. I was confused for a while, because I was assuming there were 2 Channings, but finally realized I was missing a third generation.

I now have Channing Frothingham b. abt 1845 son of Isaac Harding Frothingham, married Elizabeth Gerrish.

Channing Frothingham, Dr b. May 10, 1881 son of Channing Frothingham and Elizabeth Gerrish, married Clara Morgan Rotch

Channing Frothingham, b. Dec 18, 1907 son of Dr. Channing Frothingham and Clara Morgan Rotch.

I would like to find the surname of Isaac Harding Frothingham's wife Elizabeth. Also, his mother's name. I only know he was the son of Nathaniel Frothingham.