Mar 15, 2012

Why is Gilbert Baker on the front page of this?

I've had this album in my possession for over 20 years, but I've never been able to put the puzzle together. The first photo in this album is labelled Gilbert Baker, father of Sarah Barrett. The second photo is labelled George N Frothingham (my grandfather) and the third is Samuel Foster Frothingham, who could be either my great-grandfather or his uncle. For years, I've searched for a clue to who Gilbert Baker might be. This week, I've been spending more time on after my daughter-in-law mentioned it at lunch on Saturday. They have indexed a huge amount of images lately and I was finally able to find some clues.

First, I found Sarah Baker's marriage to James Barrett. Her parents were Gilbert Baker and Sarah. That looked promising. She was 20 years old at the marriage in 1874, so now I had an approximate birth date. Some more searching found Sarah Baker, born 1854, father Gilbert S Baker, and mother Sarah who was born in Nova Scotia.

A little more research found Gilbert S Baker's marriage to Sarah McIntire in 1851. Sarah's father was listed as Edward McIntire. However, I also found a death record for Sarah which listed her father as John MacIntire and her birth as occurring in Prince Edward Island.

My great-grandfather, Samuel F Frothingham was married to Jane McIntire. Jane was born in Prince Edward Island in 1838. Her death record lists her father as Edward MacIntyre. I can't be positive, but I believe Sarah (McIntire) Baker was either Jane McIntire's sister, or possibly her cousin, depending on which record of her father's name is correct.

Now if I could just find clues to some of the 31 unlabelled photos in the album.