Apr 17, 2008

Happy Patriots Day

With Patriots Day coming up this weekend for residents of Massachusetts and Maine, I thought about the wonderful time we had in Massachusetts last spring. A group of us spent the day at Minuteman National Historical Park in Lexington and Concord. Although I didn't find any Frothingham graves, we all enjoyed walking through the cemetery in Concord, and visiting the site of the first battle of the American Revolution.

During our trip, Dale and I also visited the Massachusetts Archives. We were able to find several birth and death records to help me verify some of my guesses. I highly recommend a visit if you are looking for records of your Massachusetts ancestors. Later in the trip, we spent a few hours at the NH Vital Records in Concord, NH. The building was brand new, and they were still organizing the boxes of records. We were able to photocopy the actual records of many of my Spalding/Spaulding ancestors. It didn't clear up the question of which spelling is correct however.
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Apr 2, 2008

WW1 Draft Card Image


Ancestry.com has images of the WW1 Draft cards available on its site. They provide a lot of useful information, and as a bonus, a sample of your ancestors handwriting. This image is of my great-uncle's draft card.
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