Apr 28, 2011

Frothingham Best

About 3 years ago, I received this entry in my website guest book from Matt at Great Newsome Brewery.

"We are a small brewery based on a farm in East Yorkshire, England in the village of South Frodingham, which I believe is possibly the original home of the Frothingham family name. I know this because we released a new ale in January called Frothingham Best named after the forefathers of our village/hamlet. Details of the beer and why we used the name can be seen on our website www.greatnewsomebrewery.co.uk. It is only available in casks, for supply to local pubs etc but we hope to bottle it in the near future.
Great Newsome is the name of our farm in South Frodingham and our neighbours live at Frodingham Hall once the home of the Frothingham family."

At that time, we were planning a trip to France and Italy, so I wrote back and asked if the ale would be available in Paris. Unfortunately, it was not! Recently, I heard from him again. Frothingham Best is available in bottles now and is sold in London. Yep! We are going on a road trip, or rather a very long plane trip! I won't be able to bring any home on the plane, but I will be able to keep the bottle as a souvenir.